Our Raison D’Etre.

Alchemus was named after the book “The Alchemist,” which represents the quintessential values of entrepreneurship, going after one’s dreams, never giving up, being resilient and adaptive, and being committed to authentically expressing yourself in the world. This is the spirit of entrepreneurship.

We are a fund of

entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Alchemus Capital has access to a diversified portfolio of high caliber deals across verticals with companies able to scale and position for cross-borders commercialization coming from our exclusive global trust network. We focus on inclusion, including women and global, multi-cultural entrepreneurs. We invest in PEOPLE with a PURPOSE to maximize PROFITS and positively impact the PLANET.


Our Investments.

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.
Alchemus Capital - Entrepreneurial


We are a fund of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs dedicated to building a global community, a network of companies and the highest caliber deal flow across verticals to include a portfolio of companies referred through our Global Trust Network.

Alchemus Capital - Global


Our investments have strong leadership, successful track records, and are positioned for cross-border commercialization between US, China, India, SE Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Investments include post-seed, pre-Round A, Round A, post Round A, follow on and opportunistic investments.

Alchemus Capital - Diversified


We take a diversified portfolio level approach to select companies that fit the ecosystem and leverage existing clients and relationships across the portfolio in addition to the merits of the company alone. Our companies are vetted, coached and advised by our team and our exclusive network to maximize their success.


Our Contribution.




Alchemus is an investment fund investing in innovation across verticals, including digital media, technology, AR/VR, big data, artificial intelligence, health tech. Our investments seek to innovate, accelerate and amplify global solutions. We invest in quality deal flow with clear opportunities for scalability and exit and that can leverage resources across our Global Trust Network.



Alchemus Fund I is a $50M fund providing LPs with access to exclusive deal flow from Alchemus Capital’s Global Trust Network, ensuring entrepreneurs and deal flow of the highest integrity to maximize outcomes.



Alchemus invests in companies with diverse leadership, including women founders at the C-level or serving in meaningful board roles, as well as global and multi-cultural entrepreneurs. Alchemus will not exclude male companies, rather will focus on inclusion of women and multi-cultural/global entrepreneurs as we believe that this balance enhances business returns and impact.